Turning Movement Counts

Turning movement counts tabulate the directional movement of vehicles passing through an intersection during a specified time interval. The data is analyzed to determine the peak time interval. This data is collected manually through the use of handheld computers.

All turning movement reports include information about the intersection:

  • Lane Geometries

  • Control Type

  • Signal Phasing & Cycle Time

  • GPS Coordinates (For inclusion in a GIS database.)

  • Weather at the time of the count

  •  Unusual Conditions or Special Circumstances

In addition, turning movement count data can include:

  • Vehicle Classification (Trucks, Buses & Cars)

  • Pedestrian / Bicycle Movements

  • Vehicle Occupancy

     Daily Volume / Classification Counts

Daily Counts tabulate the number and/or type of vehicles traveling on a roadway during a specified time interval. This data is collected through automated equipment such as a pneumatic tube/hose counter.

All Daily Count reports include information about the roadway at the time of the count:

  • Description of Road (Median, Shoulders, Sidewalks, etc.)

  • Number of Lanes

  • Pavement Condition

  • Weather Conditions

Our daily count data can include:

  • Volume

  • Classification by lane and/or direction

  • Axle Count

  • Speed

  • Gap

  • Headway

  • Vehicle Length

  • Spacing & Clearance

  • Cross-section diagram of roadway (Lane width measurements, etc.)

*Encroachment permits are required for Daily Counts.

      Parking Lot Occupancy Surveys

Parking Lot Occupancy Surveys determine the total number of available parking spaces in a lot, and the total number of occupied spaces at a specified time.

      Origin-Destination (License Plate) Surveys

Origin-Destination Surveys are used to determine travel patterns of traffic on a roadway during a typical day.

      Speed Surveys

Speed surveys determine the median speed, 85th percentile speed, and pace speed at a specified point on a road. Speeds are measured either by the use of radar or pneumatic tube/hose counters.

      Trip Generation Surveys

Trip Generation Surveys are used to estimate the vehicle trips generated by a proposed development. This is accomplished by collecting vehicle count data from a similar established development using automated equipment such as pneumatic tube/hose counters.

      Travel Time Surveys

Travel Time Surveys determine the amount of time necessary to travel along a given route. Data is typically collected real-time through the use of GPS devices while traveling on the route.

      Custom Data Collection

We are able to provide other custom data collection services not listed above. Please contact us directly at 800-975-6938 or by email at info@metrotrafficdata.com .


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